Running out of household items a thing of the past for Prime members

5 September 2016 - Janet Bird

amazon dash service

Running out of household essentials could be a thing of the past for Amazon Prime customers, as the online retail giant introduces its innovative Dash button to the UK.

By simply pressing the button when they start to run out of common branded household items such as nappies, razors, washing up liquid or coffee, Prime members can automatically reorder the goods they need and have them delivered the next day.

Dash buttons, basically branded wireless devices connected to the Wi-Fi in your home, can be purchased for just £4.99. The purchase price is then deducted from the cost of the first order, meaning it is in essence free.

The Dash is set up using a free Amazon app and the buttons are powered by Amazon's Dash Replenishment Service (DRS). They can be built directly into some products, such as printers, to ensure they order new ink whenever it runs out.

The Dash button has been tested in the US with considerable success - it is believed orders of the products available increased three fold as a result.

Currently, around 50 products from brands such as Andrex, Ariel, Durex, Fairy, Gilette, Huggies, Nescafe, Olay, Rimmel, Pedigree, Vanish and Wilkinson are available for Dash button re-ordering.

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