Beer shampoo for the man who loves a brew

30 June 2015 - Janet Bird

Beer shampoo for the man who loves a brew

While many men might agree that beer is a thing of beauty, its power to beautify is perhaps more inquestion.

But Carlsberg, who have long claimed to produce 'probably the best beer in the world', now believe they have created 'probably the best range of male grooming products in the world' with the launch of their 'Beer Beauty' body lotion, shampoo and conditioner which contains, you've guessed it, beer.

Indeed, each 250ml bottle contains no less than half a litre of freeze dried Carlsberg beer.

Developed by Carlsberg Laboratories, the brewer's research and development arm, and cosmetics maker Urtegaarden, the products - which are priced 44 per set - have already sold out on the Carlsberg website.

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