Boots and Superdrug pledge action after "sexist pricing" claims

8 February 2016 - Janet Bird

Boots and Superdrug pledge action after sexist pricing claims

Boots and Superdrug have both pledged to take action after being accused of "sexist pricing" practices.

Boots has already re-priced razors and eye cream after a petition on drew attention to price differentiations between products geared towards men and other, almost identical, items aimed at the female market.

Superdrug has also pledged to review its pricing policy for "disparity based on gender" and alter prices to ensure women do not have to pay more than their male counterparts for similar products.

The petition, which has so far been signed by over 44,000 people, cited the example of a Boots eye cream which cost £9.99 for women, while a similar product for men was priced at £7.29, as proof of discriminatory pricing practices. The petition also drew attention to the price of a pack of 10 men's razors, which at £1.49 was 80p cheaper than a pack of eight razors designed for women.

In response, Boots said an urgently undertaken review of its own brand range pricing had reassured it the cited examples were "exceptional cases". However, the company expressed itself "disappointed" and "surprised" that its equality standards had not been followed.

An investigation by The Times, however, would suggest that Boots and Superdrug are far from the only companies who need to review their pricing policies. It found that, on average, health and beauty products aimed at women are 37 percent that those geared towards men.

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