British consumers now less tolerant of poor customer service

15 August 2016 - Janet Bird

poor customer service not accepted

British people are increasingly choosing to vote with their feet when they experience poor customer service, new research has shown.

A survey of more than 2,000 UK consumers by ContactEngine and research company YouGov found that 44 percent of people were less tolerant of bad customer service than they would have been three years before.

Indeed, only six percent of respondents felt they had become more tolerant.

Fifty-six percent of those questioned said they would never use a company again if they had two bad experiences and 79 percent would give a business no more than three chances to get it right.

Retired consumers were the most intolerant, with 25 percent saying they would tolerate only one incident of bad customer service before never using a company again and 40 percent only giving a business two chances.

Consumers unanimously agreed that rude or incompetent staff; having to repeat queries after being passed between different people or departments; and taking the day off for an expected delivery only for it not to arrive were the most annoying manifestations of bad customer service.

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