Brits customer service expectations now 'highest in the world'

31 October 2016 - Janet Bird

british customer service

We were once famed for our tolerance of indifferent customer service, but no longer.

New research has shown that Brits' expectations of good customer service are at an all-time high - the highest in the world, in fact.

A study carried out by YouGov for ContactEngine revealed 18 percent of British consumers questioned as part of the research would switch to another business after just one bad customer experience.

Only ten percent of Americans, who previously held the title of most demanding nation when it comes to customer expectations, would jump ship so quickly.

Ninety-four percent of British respondents also said their expectations of customer service are higher than three years ago. Those in the South-West and Scotland were found to be particularly demanding with 59 percent of Scots said they would never use a company again if they had a single bad experience, way above the national average.

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