Carlsberg launches 'Beer'd Beauty' range for Movember

3 November 2015 - Janet Bird

Carlsberg launches Beerd Beauty range for Movember

Carlsberg has relaunched its successful beer based male grooming range in support of Movember, a month long charity drive to raise funds for research into a range of men's health issues.

The limited edition 'Beer Beauty' range, originally launched in June, has been renamed 'Beer'd Beauty' for the occasion and includes Movember appropriate new products including shaving gel, aftershave cream and moustache cream.

Like the original range, which included body lotion, shampoo and conditioner, the new Beer'd Beauty products contain freeze-dried beer - 0.2 litres of the stuff.

Priced at 40 for a set of all three products, profits made from sales will go to the Movember Foundation.

Meanwhile, Carlsberg - which has long boasted to produce 'probably the best beer in the world' - is confident it has also now created 'probably the best' range of male grooming products on the market.

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