It's game on for the Christmas table as tastes turn from turkey

22 December 2015 - Janet Bird

Its game on for the Christmas table as tastes turn from turkey

More UK consumers are trimming the turkey in favour of a gamey flavour for the Christmas table this year, according to retailers.

While the traditional turkey roast is still the favoured fare of many - with around 10 million consumed last Christmas alone - the number of consumers opting for venison, veal, duck, guinea fowl and goose is on the rise, supermarkets say.

And more customers who do opt for turkey are going for smaller birds or crowns.

Sainsbury's has sold out of rack of venison and veal from its pre-order range and Tesco said the number of shoppers purchasing goose, duck and guinea fowl has increased by about 20 percent since 2012.

The British Goose Producers trade body said the number of geese sold was up eight percent on last Christmas, when 250,000 were consumed.

That said, Waitrose is still expecting to sell more than 800,000kg of turkey - which should feed around 1.7m people. It has christened Christmas Eve, when its customers collect a turkey every second, 'T-day'.

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