UK spending on DIY rises 40 percent over two decades

16 May 2016 - Janet Bird

diy spending on the rise

Brits are spending over 40 percent more on DIY than they did 20 years ago, recently published research has shown.

A study conducted by credit card provider MBNA shows that the average Briton now spends £211 a year on DIY - an increase of 42 percent since 1996.

Indeed, DIY purchases now make up 4.5 percent of our total average spending on cards, with 45-60 year olds splashing out the most on their homes - an average of £240 a year.

But DIY does seem to be increasingly becoming a preserve of the middle-aged, with fewer young people now able to afford to buy their own home. The research showed under 30s now spend just £108 a year on DIY - 32 percent less than they did 20 years ago.

Regional variations in expenditure were also apparent, with those in the South-West and North-East of England spending the most on their homes and people living in London, Northern Ireland and Scotland the least.

Unsurprisingly, men were found to be the biggest spenders on DIY, accounting for 69 percent of purchases.

There were few surprises too when it came to peak times for DIY spending, with April, May and June emerging the clear winners.

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