Dyson redesigns humble hairdryer

3 May 2016 - Janet Bird

dyson hairdryer

Not content with creating products that revolutionised vacuum cleaner design, inventor Sir James Dyson has spent four years and £50 million redesigning the humble hairdryer.

The Dyson Supersonic is the result and, retailing at £299, it certainly does not come cheap.

However, Dyson is confident his model overcomes many of the problems associated with conventional dryers - weak airflow, unwieldiness and a tendency to damage hair.

The company went through 1,000 miles of hair to test the technology behind the Supersonic, developing a robot specially designed to compare the new hairdryer to rival products.

Developed in collaboration with hair styling expert Akin Konizi, the new product is designed to be much quieter than traditional hairdryers and has built-in safeguards to prevent it reaching excessive temperatures and damaging hair.

The Supersonic comes with a range of attachments and is available in both pink and white models.

It will be available from Selfridges and from Dyson's new standalone store in London from mid-June. It is understood a cordless version of the Supersonic hairdryer could be released at a later date.

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