Price of average grocery basket fell in September

10 October 2017 - Janet Bird

grocery basket

The price of an average basket of groceries fell slightly in September compared to the previous month.

However, year on year, the price had gone up by £1.81 - news which will come as little surprise to hard pressed consumers.

Shopping comparison site My Supermarket's monthly grocery price tracker found the price of 35 items commonly found in shopping baskets had fallen from £84.93 in August to £84.90 in September.

The price of 20 products rose, while 15 cost less.

The greatest increase in price was in fresh food, such as fruit and vegetables. My Supermarket found that onions, for example, had gone up 16 percent in price in just a month, with mushrooms up 11 percent, carrots up 6.5 percent and grapes rising by four percent.

Indeed, the only non fresh food to make the top five price increases in September was butter, which had gone up four percent in price.

Goods which had gone down in price included pasta, which cost four percent less in September than in the previous month and baked beans, down three percent.

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