No monster growth for Halloween sales predicted this year

30 October 2017 - Janet Bird


Despite an increase in the number of retailers trying to cash in on Halloween, seasonal sales growth is expected to slow to 1.7 percent this year.

New data from digital media company GlobalData suggests hard pressed consumers are more reluctant to purchase non-essential items, such as Halloween related products.

Fashion related items are expected to sell best, with a predicted 3.1 percent growth, and many fashion retailers are attempting to capitalise on this by selling fancy dress for parties and trick or treating, as well as everyday Halloween themed T-shirts and other clothing.

Top Shop, for example, has created a 'Stranger Things' range for Halloween in partnership with Netflix, timing the launch to coincide with the start of the show's second series.

Discounters Aldi, Lidl and B&M are also competing for the crown of most popular Halloween retailer, challenging last year's winner Asda.

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