New survey explores high and lows of shopping

10 October 2017 - Janet Bird

happy shopper

Shopping can produce a high comparable to that of a Formula 1 driver finishing a race, new research has found.

The study, conducted by online retail behemoth eBay in conjunction with 'neuromarketing' specialist Myndplay, looked in depth at the neurological effects of shopping by examining the gamma brain waves of shoppers.

It found that shoppers can be divided into two main groups, named "shop-y-cats" and "inspired shoppers" by eBay.

It found 49 percent of the population fall into the first group, buying items simply because they are trendy. Eighty-two percent of this group feel pressurised to conform and find shopping exhausting - the research found their mental fatigue increased 30 percent for every 10 minutes they spent browsing.

The other group - the "inspired shoppers" - were a completely different kettle of fish, purchasing unique goods to express their individuality. This group was energised by shopping and was found to experience a mental high comparable to that of an F1 driver on completing a race.

eBay said it wanted shoppers to stop shopping like everyone else and to be bolder, embracing their individuality and by so doing, achieve an F1 type buzz.

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