Size does matter, say H&M's female customers

10 June 2018 - Janet Bird

h&m dress

It has long been criticised for its confusing sizing of women's clothing, and now H&M is finally taking action to address the problem.

The Swedish retail giant is to update its clothing sizes so that they are consistent with standard UK sizing.

Normally, a UK size 12 equates to a EU size 40, but an H&M size 12 is actually an EU size 38, meaning it is really a size 10.

But after customer feedback, H&M now intends addressing the issue and ensuring womenswear measurements are brought into line with UK sizing. So the measurements the retailer previously described as a UK size 12 would now actually be labelled a UK size 10.

The updates have already begun with in-store stock and will be rolled out across the store's online offerings.

During the transition period, customers are being urged to ask staff for advice when in-store shopping, or use H&M's online sizing guides.

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