Average child's Christmas list tops 900

17 November 2015 - Janet Bird

Average childs Christmas list tops 900

New research has shown that the average child's Christmas wish list includes toys and games worth almost 900.

A survey of 2,000 parents commissioned by the Early Learning Centre revealed 72 percent of children compile a Christmas wish list every year - and spend an average of two days doing so.

With dolls houses, bikes and tablets among the items most sought after, the average child's wish list now comes to a whopping 880 worth of goodies.

While over 40 percent of parents said their children highlighted the toys on the list they wanted most, and 16 percent of youngsters even rated the items in order of preference, a third said their child usually believes they will get everything on their list.

The survey found, however, that parents on average will spend 207 on presents for their child this Christmas.

And while 61 percent of parents surveyed said they would buy items from their child's Christmas wish list that their son or daughter had spoken about the most as presents, 51 percent said they would simply buy what they could afford.

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