Entrepreneur sells plastic bags cheaper than supermarkets

12 October 2015 - Janet Bird

Entrepreneur sells plastic bags cheaper than supermarkets

A Midlands man has taken to Gumtree to sell his collection of 'lightly used' plastic bags as the 5p per bag charge begins to bite.

With reports emerging of some cost conscious shoppers taking trolleys full of un-bagged groceries home rather than pay for plastic bags, 33 year-old James Burrows, a teaching assistant from Kings Norton, decided to take matters into his own hands and undercut the 5p per bag supermarket charge.

James has so far sold 100 bags for 2 which works out at 2p each, although ideally he is hoping to get 2.5p per bag.

He told The Birmingham Mail: "I'm always looking for ways to try and make a bit of money. I've got loads of plastic bags lying around at home so I just thought, why not?"

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