Marks & Spencer launch range of autism friendly school wear

8 August 2016 - Janet Bird

marks and spencer easy wear range for children with autism

A collaboration with the National Autistic Society has led Marks & Spencer to develop a range of autism friendly school wear.

Many children on the autistic spectrum struggle with motor skills - which makes managing small buttons difficult - and also experience sensory sensitivity.

So, after consulting professionals who work with children who have autism, and working directly with children at the Hellen Alison School, Marks & Spencer developed the 'Easy Wear' collection with the National Autistic Society.

The range, which is available to buy online, includes clothing with hidden Velcro fastenings in place of buttons, potentially scratchy labels concealed in pockets, pull up trousers and easy to wash fabrics.

By the time the collection was launched on August 1, over 6,000 people had already registered an interest in the range.

More than one in a hundred people in the UK are autistic, which equates to around 120,000 school age children.

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