Morrisons reintroduces brown paper bags to reduce plastic waste

25 June 2018 - Janet Bird

morrisons brown bags

Big Four retailer Morrisons is going back to the future in a bid to tackle plastic waste, re-introducing the use of traditional brown paper bags for loose fruit and vegetables.

The grocer started the brown paper bag rollout in its stores on June 25 and said all its stores would have them buy the end of the summer.

It hopes the move will stop the use of more than 150 million small plastic bags every year.

The new bags are made of 100 percent recyclable paper and have a see through paper strip so checkout staff can see what produce is inside.

Morrisons are also encouraging customers to bring their own containers to their butchery and fishmonger counters in a bid to avoid using plastic packaging.

The grocer is a signatory to the UK Plastics Pact, which aims to reduce plastic pollution.

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