Morrisons to donate all surplus food to charity

3 November 2015 - Janet Bird

Morrisons to donate all surplus food to charity

Morrisons has become the first supermarket chain to promise to donate all its surplus food to charity.

The move comes after a successful trial in 112 of its stores across Yorkshire and the North East found that each store was able to fill four shopping trolleys every week with unsold food that has passed its best before date - although not its sell by date - to benefit those in need.

Britain's big supermarkets have been coming under increasing pressure to cut waste, with more than 180,000 consumers signing a petition calling on retailers to donate unsold food to foodbanks.

While all of the 'Big Four' supermarkets now have their own waste reduction campaigns after signing up to the Courthauld Commitment - a voluntary agreement aimed at reducing waste within the UK grocery sector that is funded by the Government and national assemblies in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales - none has so far gone as far as Morrisons.

The company intends to appoint a member of staff in each store to work with the charities chosen to distribute its unsold food to those in need.

With an estimated 150 tonnes of food wasted in the UK each year, at a cost to the economy of 5bn, Morrisons' announcement is likely to heighten the pressure on the other big supermarkets to follow suit.

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