Book Christmas food delivery slots early, urge supermarkets

29 September 2015 - Janet Bird

Book Christmas food delivery slots early, urge supermarkets

Many of us are still holding out for an Indian summer, but the thoughts of the UK's supermarkets are already turning to Christmas.

Indeed, Ocado and Waitrose have already contacted their top customers to urge them to book their delivery slots for festive food early.

Loyal customers of online retailer Ocado, which delivers Waitrose food, will be able to book a slot for festive food delivery from October 8 - a week earlier than last year. Those who have purchased a priority shopping pass and are ready to spend over 90 on their order are being given first dibs on prime delivery slots, leading some shoppers to complain on social media., which has also begun contacting its customers with information on Christmas delivery slot reservations, will begin taking bookings from October 15.

Tesco is taking a more leisurely approach - subscribers to its Delivery Save scheme, through which shoppers pay per month for as many deliveries as they want in the course of a year - can book their Christmas delivery slot from the end of November, a week ahead of non-subscribers.

A similar system will be operated by Morrisons, where delivery pass subscribers will be given priority with two deliveries between December 20 and 24 included in their annual subscription.

Sainsbury's, however, is adopting a more egalitarian approach - anyone can book a delivery slot three weeks before they want to receive their goods.

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