Furry friends can fare better than family with Christmas presents

18 December 2017 - Janet Bird

dogs christmas presents

Our furry friends can fare better than family and loved ones when it comes to Christmas presents, a new survey suggests.

In a study of 3,230 pet owners carried out by online marketplace, an impressive 87 percent of respondents said they would be buying a Christmas present for their pet.

And 27 percent of those admitted they would be spending more on their pet's present than on their friends, while a further five percent admitted their furry friend would do better in the present stakes than their own father!

Thirty-five percent of those questioned said they intended to spend £20 to £30 on their animal - the average spend among respondents was £16.

A staggering 47 million pets were expected to be given Christmas gifts, adding up to an eye watering £750 million.

Thirty-five percent of the presents given will take the form of treats, 34 percent will be toys and 17 percent clothes.

Thirty-four percent of owners questioned said they would give their pet a stocking, while seven percent will even write a Christmas card for their animal. An overwhelming 83 percent of respondents will wrap up their pet's present and 76 percent of owners confirmed their furry friend would receive a Christmas dinner as well.

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