MPs call for 'Buy British' filter to be introduced on store websites

20 March 2017 - Janet Bird

british home grown

MPs have given their backing to a proposal which could see supermarkets include a 'Buy British' filter on their websites post Brexit in a bid to support UK farmers.

Environment Minister George Eustace told MPs on March 14 he had discussed the possibility with the National Farmers' Union (NFU).

Research carried out by the NFU over the years has shown that 86 percent of consumers would like to buy more British products. But, while identifying home grown produce in-store can be relatively easy due to the wide use of Union Jack stickers on foodstuffs produced in the UK, it can be much harder when shopping online to figure out what is locally produced - not least because the size of product images is often very small.

MPs felt that, if a filter could be added to supermarket websites that would allow consumers to display only British produced goods, this could provide a welcome boost for UK farmers once we leave the EU.

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