'Made in' moniker matters to consumers, survey shows

9 May 2016 - Janet Bird

orgiins of a product is Important to consumers

More than half of consumers believe where a product is from is as important as how much it costs, a new survey has shown.

The Nielsen Global Brand-Origin Survey polled more than 30,000 online respondents in 61 countries to understand consumer sentiment about product origin across 40 categories, from consumables to durables.

Consumers were asked their preferences between local and international brands across the various different categories.

A total of 59 percent of respondents said a product's origin was at least as important as its benefits, while 56% said the same thing comparing origin to taste, and 58% to price.

But while consumers showed a preference for local brands when it came to food purchases, they found recognised international brands more attractive when it came to categories such as technology.

Factors such as price, the deals available, familiarity and variety were more important to consumers when choosing global brands, while product benefits, environmentally-friendly considerations and national pride were bigger factors for them when deciding to buy local brands.

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