Relations between grocer and country turn frosty over Iceland name

26 September 2016 - Janet Bird

iceland store versus iceland country

Relations between Iceland the country and its namesake in frozen food retailing are growing distinctly chilly.

Indeed, Iceland the supermarket could face a lawsuit from Iceland the country, which is demanding the company be banned from using its name in the EU.

According to the Icelandic press, patent attorneys Arnason Faktor are drawing up plans for the legal action on behalf of Promote Iceland, the Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs and SA Business Iceland.

The cooling of relations between the country and the company apparently results from attempts by Iceland the grocer to stop Promote Iceland registering the country's name as a trademark on products similar to those it stocks.

Perhaps annoyed by the success that Iceland the grocer has had with a Twitter campaign off the back of the Icelandic football team's success in the Olympics, Iceland the country may now be about to fight back.

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