Sales hot up as temperatures soar

1 July 2018 - Janet Bird

shopping in summer weather

Sale volumes soared as the temperatures rose last month, new data has revealed.

Figures released by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) showed 43 percent of retailers surveyed had seen a rise in sales during the year to June and only ten percent of those questioned had seen sales fall.

The CBI's monthly distributive sales survey, which is based on data collected from 106 firms, including 45 retailers, showed retail sales grew at the fastest pace since September 2017 in the year to June.

Thirty-two percent of retailers surveyed expected sales volumes to increase further during July and 34 percent said they had placed more orders with suppliers than a year previously.

Meanwhile, a separate study commissioned by the Royal Mail showed 39 percent of SMEs (Small/Medium Enterprises) expected to see a hot weather induced rise in sales this summer.

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