Robots could take over 2.25 million retail jobs, study suggests

27 March 2017 - Janet Bird

retail robots

The next 15 years could see many UK jobs in retail being lost to robots, claims a new study.

The report by PwC identifies retail as one of the sectors most at risk of being automated. Roles in transportation, manufacturing and storage are also likely to see human employees being replaced by robots.

In total, PwC suggests up to 2.25 million jobs in retail and wholesale could be affected. Across all sectors, this figure rises to a staggering 10 million by the 2030s.

Despite this, the study claims the risk to jobs in the UK is much less than in other countries, such as Germany, Japan and the United States.

The report also suggested that, while a third of existing jobs could face automation, advances in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) could greatly boost production and lead to the creation of higher value, more rewarding and creative jobs for people.

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