Posties to take pics as proof of delivery?

1 December 2015 - Janet Bird

Posties to take pics as proof of delivery?

A trial which could see postmen taking photographs as proof they have delivered parcels left in designated safe places outside is being considered by Royal Mail.

The potential move was outlined in a Royal Mail boss' reply to a letter in the company's staff publication.

In his response, outdoor design manager Graham Devlin explained that postal delivery staff's new handheld computers would include a built-in camera facility which could be "used for proof of delivery and for security".

"For example, if a customer requests proof that you've delivered their item to their designated Safe Place, you will have the ability to take a picture of the item in that location."

However, Royal Mail later insisted no decision had yet been made on whether, or how, the built-in camera in the hand-held computers would be deployed.

If a photograph as proof of delivery pilot was undertaken, Royal Mail stressed any usage of photographs would be fully data compliant and conducted within the strict guidelines of the Information Commissioner's Office.

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