Selfridges is first retailer to upcycle used paper cups into carrier bags

18 September 2017 - Janet Bird

selfridges yellow bags

Shoppers at iconic department store Selfridges could now be carrying their purchases home in bags made out of recycled coffee cups.

Selfridges has become the first retailer to upcycle the paper cups used in-store and at its headquarters to make its famous yellow shopping bags.

The initiative is part of Selfridges 'Buying Better, Inspiring Change' drive, which aims to make the retailer more efficient.

It already sends zero waste to landfill and is constantly looking at new ways to reduce waste.

The process of upcycling the paper cups begins when the used products are "tipped, flipped and stacked" to remove any remaining liquid. The cup, lid and sleeve are then separated.

The cups are further processed, checked and baled before being sent to a paper manufacturer, who converts them into bags. One large bag contains the equivalent of one 8oz cup and is made up of 20 percent cup fibre.

Once the upcycled bags are used, they are then recycled into the standard paper waste stream.

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