Shops to open as usual on Boxing Day despite calls for a ban

19 December 2016 - Janet Bird

boxing day shopping

Shops will be open as usual on Boxing Day after calls for a ban were dismissed by MPs after a lively debate.

Nearly 140,000 people signed a petition calling for a ban on shops opening on Boxing Day amid concerns that often poorly paid store staff were being forced to come to work and miss out on precious family time.

But while Labour MP Helen Jones argued retailers exploited staff on December 26 and accused Britons of being obsessed by shopping, the proposed ban on shops opening was fiercely opposed by many of her colleagues.

Business Minister Margot James pointed out that closing shops on Boxing Day would cost the economy around £3.7 billion and greatly disadvantage retailers.

Many MPs also felt it was not the place of Government to tell retailers how to run their businesses.

In 2014, 365,000 people worked on Boxing Day.

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