Use of smartphones to buy online is on the up

2 April 2018 - Janet Bird

online orders using smartphone

The use of smart phones to make online purchases is continuing to grow apace, new research has shown.

A study by online retailer has shown that the use of smartphones to make online purchases rose 18.9 percent in December 2017 compared to the same month the previous year, while the number of sales made using such devices went up from 36 percent to 41 percent between 2016 and 2017.

During December, the number of purchases made using desktop computers fell from 47 to 45 percent compared to the same month the previous year, while sales using tablets declined from 17 to 14 percent.

The research also showed that 88 percent of shoppers now carry out market research on their smartphones before buying an item.

And, interestingly for retailers, the data also showed that customers who do search for products on their handset are twice as likely to be using mobile optimised sites as shopping apps.

The study was reinforced by YouGov data, which showed that 23 percent of adults in the UK buy something online at least once a week.

Data collated by Google, meanwhile, showed that 76 percent of shoppers who search for a product nearby using their smartphone will visit a related business or retailer within 24 hours, with 28 percent of those visits resulting in a purchase.

This finding may go some way do debunking concerns that a rise in online shopping may spell the death of the high street, instead suggesting online may actually be able to drive the more traditional approach to shopping for goods.

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