Supermarkets charging more for shrinking products, claims report

25 April 2016 - Janet Bird

product sizes shrinking

A report by consumer watchdog Which? has confirmed what shoppers have long suspected - the size of many products being sold in the nation's supermarkets is shrinking, while the prices being charged for them are not.

Indeed, the Which? report identifies a number of goods, ranging from toilet roll to juice, to bathroom wipes and Fairtrade coffee, where the price charged by supermarkets has actually increased as the product decreases.

It cites the example of a packet of McVitie's Digestive dark chocolate biscuits, which has shrunk in size by 10 percent from 332g to 300g, but has gone up in price from £1.59 to £1.69.

The report also found a standard four pack Andrex toilet roll pack had reduced in size from 240 to 221 sheets - eight percent less - without any decrease in price.

Challenged by Which?, most brands said the prices charged for their products was decided by the supermarkets in which they are sold. They did not disclose whether or not they had changed the wholesale price paid by supermarkets for the goods.

Which? is calling on supermarkets and manufacturers to be upfront with customers about shrinking products to avoid misleading the public.

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