Tesco successfully completes first one hour robot delivery

6 June 2017 - Janet Bird

starship delivery robot

Tesco has successfully completed its first one hour delivery by robot during a trial in April.

With the 'go' economy putting increasing pressure on retailers to get goods to customers ever more quickly, mastering the art of the one hour delivery is seen as critical.

Tesco has been working in partnership with Starship Technologies as part of its Tesco Now initiative to develop a robot able to deliver items within a three mile radius from stores or a delivery hub. The six wheeled robot used to effect Tesco's first one hour automated delivery can be tracked using a specially designed app.

The machine is also fitted with an anti-theft system which alerts police if someone tries to tamper with it.

Tesco said it had learned a lot from the trial and it is believed to be considering rolling the service out to a number of locations in London offering one hour delivery on baskets of 20 items or less.

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