Tesco reduces price of women's razors to match those of men's

3 January 2017 - Janet Bird

womens razor

Proving it is at the 'cutting edge' of the battle to eliminate gender price discrimination, Tesco has reduced the price of women's standard razors to match those of men's.

The store had been charging £1 for a pack of five women's twin-bladed razors, twice the price of the closest equivalent men's product. But after pressure from Labour backbencher Paula Sherriff, the supermarket giant agreed to reduce the price of the women's product.

In a letter written to Sherriff and passed to The Guardian, Tesco stressed that the original difference in prices was not due to discrimination, rather to the fact the supermarket sells a lot more of the men's products and, because it is buying them in much greater bulk, it can therefore purchase them more cheaply.

Gender price discrimination became a major issue in 2016 after a newspaper investigation showed women were paying an average of 37 percent more for gender targeted items. Razors were one of the items with the greatest mark-up, often just because they were pink!

Tesco's decision to reduce the price of women's razors was welcomed by Sherriff, who urged anyone who came across examples of gender pricing discrimination to get in touch with her so she could campaign on their behalf.

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