Tesco rises from the floodwaters as staff build new store in seven days

22 December 2015 - Janet Bird

Tesco rises from the floodwaters as staff build new store in seven days

Tesco staff - many of whom had their own homes flooded when Storm Desmond ripped through Carlisle - have built a temporary store in just a week to replace the superstore inundated by waist high water at the beginning of December.

A team of 100 people assembled the 10,000 square feet store from 26 temporary building units that have been joined together in the car park of the flooded premises.

More than 30 Tesco staff had their homes damaged in the storm and the retailer has already donated food, emergency supplied, sanitary products and other essentials to the emergency shelters set up to house locals forced from their homes in the wake of the storm.

But Tesco was determined not to leave customers without the service provided by the store over the Christmas period, and staff worked overnight to get the temporary building up and running by last Thursday (December 17).

The makeshift store will serve customers from 6am to midnight, and 10am to 4pm on Sundays until the refurbishment of the superstore is completed - expected to be in late January.

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