Toilet among top ten locations for online shopping

4 March 2018 - Janet Bird

web browsing on laptop

The toilet is among the top ten locations from which Brits do their online shopping, a new study has revealed.

Eight percent of 1,550 consumers interviewed for the survey conducted by online marketplace retailer OnBuy admitted to doing a spot of internet shopping while answering the call of nature.

The most popular place from which to shop online was sitting watching TV (54 percent of respondents), followed by bed (43 percent), work (20 percent), the kitchen (17 percent), 'other' (19 percent) and on buses and trains (12 percent). The toilet was the seventh most popular location from which to shop, followed by on holiday (six percent), the garden (five percent) and - rather worryingly - while driving (three percent).

Respondents were also asked to give the reason for their purchases.

Seventy-seven percent of those questioned said they shopped because they needed the item purchased, while 38 percent were tempted to buy because the product was on sale. The next most popular reason for buying online was to purchase gifts (15 percent), while six percent of respondents bought items because they felt depressed.

Five percent of those surveyed bought goods online after a relationship breakdown, while four percent cited being drunk as the reason for their purchase. 'Too much money' was the reason given by three percent of people questioned for their purchase.

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