Christmas dinner to cost less this year as supermarket price war continues

7 December 2015 - Janet Bird

Christmas dinner to cost less this year as supermarket price war continues

The average Christmas dinner should be less expensive this year, with the supermarket price war showing no sign of abating.

Research by Mintec suggests that a turkey dinner will be one percent cheaper than in 2014, while a study by the Good Housekeeping Institute suggests canny consumers could manage to put on a festive feast for eight people at the cost of just 3.10 per head if they shop around.

And shopping around seems to be just what consumers are intending to do. A survey of 1,055 people by grocery think tank IGD revealed that almost 70 percent of shoppers plan to visit Aldi or Lidl for cheaper Christmas groceries.

However, 56 percent of people plan to visit more than one supermarket for their Christmas shop, meaning the discounters will ring up sales of only 1.7 billion of the estimated 20.3 billion spent on groceries in the festive period.

While saving money was undoubtedly a consideration, shoppers were also keen to purchase the best quality products, with many intending to mix and match shopping trips to Waitrose and Lidl.

Visits to specialist stores (such as butchers and off licences) and convenience stores were also intended by many shoppers.

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