Human contact optional for young Brits while shopping, survey finds

2 October 2017 - Janet Bird

self service checkout tills

Nearly two thirds of young Britons are happy to use self-service rather than a staffed checkout while supermarket shopping, a new survey has found.

The research by card payment specialist Worldpay found 58 percent of so called 'millennials' - those currently aged 21-34 years-old - are happy to shop without engaging in any human interaction in-store.

This contrasts sharply with the finding that three quarters of 'baby boomers' - those born between the 1940s and early 1960s - prefer to pay a member of staff.

The findings are likely to fuel fears that retail staff will eventually be replaced by machines, with a growing number of self-service checkouts and the launch by Amazon of checkout free stores.

Worldpay, however, believe the most successful retailers will be those who manage to strike a balance between personalised service and seamless convenience, suggesting the onward march of the machine has not spelt the end for the helpful human store assistant just yet.

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