Hot is tops when it comes to Brits' comfort food pud choices

22 August 2017 - Janet Bird

hot toffee pudding dessert

When it comes to comfort eating, we Brits find chilled desserts cold comfort, new research suggests.

Analysts at consumer insights specialists Kantar Worldpanel found sales of hot desserts rose by £2.6 million last year, with more people buying hot puddings - and more frequently.

Indeed, demand for tarts, flans and sweet pies was up almost ten percent as consumers sought to comfort eat their way through uncertain economic times.

Aldi and the Co-op were the best performing supermarkets when it came to pudding sales power, with sales up 22.1 percent and 19.9 percent respectively.

However, Asda's Baker's Selection range experienced staggering 151 percent growth, while Aldi's Specially Selected range saw sales rise by 67.2 percent.

Experts believe canny shoppers, with less money in their pockets, are playing it safe when it comes to puddings and sticking to old favourites rather than taking a risk with something new and perhaps being disappointed.

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