World Cup success and sunny weather provide retail sales boost

8 July 2018 - Janet Bird

england football team world cup 2018

Success on the football field and the hottest summer for years have provided hard pressed retailers with a much needed sales boost.

BBQ food, beer, wine and ice-cream were flying off the shelves at Tesco over the past week - the grocer expected to sell a million burgers, a similar number of hot rolls, a million tubs of ice-cream and 50 million bottles and cans of beer by the time England faced Sweden in the World Cup quarter-finals on July 8.

Tesco is expecting this trend to continue in the run up to England's World Cup semi final match on July 11 - an optimism shared by many of Britain's other retailers, who have also been enjoying a World Cup and heatwave generated sales surge.

Waitrose reported a 188 percent increase in ice lolly sales during the first week of July and Iceland experienced a 340 percent rise in just one day.

But the sales boost has not been restricted to food and drink - Marks & Spencer, the official supplier of the England football team suits, has seen a rise in men's fashion sales.

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